12 June 2016

F7 Major

All great things in life take work, nothing is truly effortless. Just look at Moses, he comes across a burning bush, God speaks tells him what to do and his response... "Who me?"  Moses had spent the last 40 years in Madian, as a shepherd, what better preparation for leading people.  Yet, Moses falls back on one of my biggest restrains, "I do not have the talent / gifts / skills / speaking ability."  you can use any of the many words to describe the attributes that people think we need in order to follow God's call in life.  Yet, throughout the Bible, God has call many who though of themselves as ill-equipped.  As is the case with Moses, when we are called to do something the Lord will provide, for Moses he sent his brother-in-lawAaron to be the spokesman.

A second fallback that I have for resisting the call. is an attempt to be humble in all things.  This defense mechanism works like this:  You are sitting in Sunday School, a small group, or around a campfire and have something to say.  You hold back because you do not want to sounds like a "know it all / boastful / better than others / supreme".  Feel free to insert any adjective that might fit.  

However, God has called us to be bold, to take up the ministry with both hands, and to move forward following him.  Last week I went to Middle School Church Camp called Disciple Camp  While I am not in Middle School anymore, I had a great time and connected to the story.  We studied Moses' life, as a sojourner in foreign lands.There are times in my life, when I feel like I am wandering through the desert or the never ending forrest in search of something, the task that God has for me.  

This time I am responding my me feeling that I should learn to play the guitar with the mentally of Isaiah, who answered God with, "Send Me!  I will go."   Last night and tonight I have been asking, who came up the the chord F7 Major?  When I think of F7 I generally want to know, "what function will that do on my PC?"

I am making a effort to learn and play the guitar, so I may glorify the Lord with words and music of praise.  

01 January 2016

Off in the Distance - 2016

II stand on the rock of the past looking off in the distance.  On the horizon are hopes and dreams for this new year, experiences unknown to me, and challenges not though possible.  The rock is made solid by my past, experiences, successes, and failures.  On my feet are the shoes of progress, which will propel me off in the future, with the support of family and friends.

25 December 2015


Yesterday, Cap and Ella were introduced to Simon, a black plastic circle with four colored lights.  They were intrigued by Simon, but a bit reserved.  How much fun could Simon be?  (Especially, for kids that have access to the World Wide Web, which is full of fun, free games.). After warming up to Simon they enjoyed playing the game.  This game is a throw back to when I was a child, so I had to give it a try, which took me back in time.

You see it all around these days, the nolgistic movement.  Fashion (welcome back bow ties), open air shopping areas (a re-creation of Main Street), cooking (home artisan bread movement) and film (Star Wars).  In part I believe this movement toward nolgistic items is an attempt to capture the feelings of a time we perceived as less complicated.

Many attribute the complexity of today on email, text messaging, social media, and television ruled our lives.  Yet, the complexities of life are the same now, as they we when I was younger.  Today the difference is I have chosen to enter more complex areanas of life: marriage, children, volunteering at church.  In the same way busyness derived from the electronics we carry in our pocket, is our choice.

As I look forward and wonder how my children will navigate the cross roads between humananity and the electronic communication, I hope that they do not miss out on one of the the most important parts of life - human contact.

If you are looking for that nolgistic feeling of the past, a bow tie will only get you so far.  Reach out and make contact with people, over the phone, in person, or even through a letter.  Put down the World Wide Web, which is more like a spider web or Hotel California.  


Christmas Traditions

Traditions, the time hornored act of repeating the same actions year after year is comforting.  These traditions may be established over a centuries, or they could be relatively new.  The time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day is full of traditions,  This time of year where some are preparing for the great Christmas Morning Gift Exchange, while others are preparing for the "Norman Roxkwell" thanksgiving feast, Hannakka, Boxing Day, or Festivus.  For me, Christmas is a time to celebrate family and the birth of Jesus Christ.

My parents, and their parents, worked hard to make sure that Christmas was a special time for all of us.  Through all of that work, we have picked up a number of traditions which are executed every year. My generation, my wife, and my parents have worked to incorporate these traditions into my children, nieces, and nephews.  

Similar to that old blanket, we wrap ourselves up in the comforting nature of tradition.  Recreating that "magic" every year. I really  enjoy these Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day traditions,  Yesterday I was reminded that the next generation is getting older, and more mature/independent.  At the Christmas Eve Service most of the cousins sat behind the adults with Aunt Natty.  They sang the hymns, stood without additional prompting, and listened to the message.  It was a beautiful transition to see.  As we pass along, not only the traditions of Christmas, but also our strong belief in Jesus Christ.

29 April 2015

... and this is Art?

Today during lunch I hiked over to the Museum of Fine Art, to look at a few works of art.  This was done, in an attempt to settle my nerves, which have been on edge for a while at work.  Upon checkin at the front desk, I was reminded that the Museum had an Andy Worhal exhibit on display.  I was pumped to see some Worhal works first hand.  The exhibit was had some big prints, very typical Worhal, along with some screen tests, and a wall of photos.  The photos were a let down for me.  I was expecting greatness, and on the wall I found, among other things, a Bidet.  Yes, one of those funny toilets that you might find in a fancy hotel, or France.  

I looked on the internet but could not locate a digital image of the Bidet, it was one of the most unimpressive works of art that I have seen.  Worhal was very talented and produced may wonderful works of art, but the Bidet, was not among them. 

05 August 2014

Rocky Mountain National Park

A few years ago Ken Burns produced a documentary on the National Park System, which aired on PBS.  The series was made up of four episodes, which were two hours in length.  After watching them, I was inspired to start visiting the National Parks, and had made great plans (in my head).  Not long after that we transferred to Houston, then moved to Oklahoma City.  After a few years of waiting, having the kids get older, and purchasing the camping gear needed, I finally made it.  We stayed for five nights in the Rocky Mountain National Park, and it was great.

Of course getting up there I had the truck loaded up with supplies, tent, stoves, fuel, food, clothes, and other equipment.

We camped at the Moraine Park Campground, with ~ 200 other families and campers.  I will say that the behavior of the folks in camp was great, it was nothing like the behavior I have seen on display at some state parks.  It was a relief to find the campsite and get the tent set up.  I had assumed that the truck would be parked next to the tent, however, upon arrival I found that the tent pad was 100 yard from where the truck was parked.  Since it is also bear country, I left all of the food, and stoves in the truck, so when it was breakfast or dinner time, I made may a trip back and forth.  We were fortunate that I was able to borrow the Kodiak tent from my dad for the trip, it was in its element, not really a 2 day tent, or a hot weather tent, it fit right in at the campground.

Ella claimed this deer as her friend, and he was in camp almost everyday.  

Aside from the deer, the kids also saw lots of chipmunks, and we did several hikes.  I even made two loops around bear lake on the same day, once with Cap in the morning, and once with Ella in the afternoon.   The views in the park were spectacular, and inspiring.  While I live in the flat lands, I yearn from the hills, peaks, rivers, and forrest in the mountains. 

Here is Cap on his hike around Bear Lake.

Here is Ella, in the afternoon, during her hike around bear lake.

Of course we went over to the Alluvial Falls and the kids got to play in the water, Amy got her feet wet as well.  I stayed busy hopping from boulder to boulder taking pictures.

Ella and I made a hike up past Nymph lake, when it was time to turn around, Ella wanted a little break, and got comfortable on the side of the trail.

 One afternoon we drove up to the Alpine Visitor Center.  Cap did not like the altitude, and Ella wanted to climb the trail to the top, which did not look long from the parking lot.  The hike was longer than anticipated, however, the reward was the view at that height.

The best picture I snapped of the Dynamic Duo.

Last but not least, the family picture as we were departing the park, heading back to the flatlands of eastern Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma.  If you want to plan a trip, plan early and reserve a campsite.

28 June 2014

Things I learned Today

Some days are full of nifty facts that toy learn throughout the day.  I started my mornig by waking up at 4:30 am, after feeble attempts to go to sleep I watched a BBC 4 show abot avalanches.  Durning this show I learned about the different types of events, as well as, how we try to control them.  In a moment of self confession, I must say that I have always desired to be a ski patrol.  Like other desires it has never been pursued because... ...well it just did not seen like a logical career choice.  (Not that my degrees really line up with what I have been doing for the past 10 years, but that is okay.). Back on point - when I saw the ski patrol firing shells out of a howitzer cannon, and tossing lite sticks of dynamite, wow I missed by calling.

Another triva fact is the Neighbor Walmart has a coffee grinder in the coffee section, however, there were only 5 out of 35 packages that were whole beans.  Also, the grinder is not easy to find, I had to focus to find it.

Last but not least, Ella likes the Muesuem of Fine Art.  We went today and did "Drop In Art" which is for kids from 1-4 PM. Each week is a differ theme, this week is was wire sculpture.

Ella in Action

Ella and the sculpture.

15 June 2014

Resident Camp 2014

Last week Cap and I went to "Resident Camp" at Camp George Thomas.  It is a multi day camp designed for Cub Scouts.  The weather was great, even though a strong rain storm came through around 2:30 AM the first night we were there.  For June it was mild, and we did not feel like we were melting the entire time.  Cap got to shoot a bow and arrow for the first time, and we took an after dark hike to the "Old Flag Pole" so we could watch the fire flies in the field below.  We camped at, what one of the program directors said was, "the prettiest campground in camp."  This also made it the farthest from everything, seems that beauty hides itself on the outskirts of camp.  The kids did a skit, learned about trees, animals, how to rescue people from the pool, and how to cook s'mores in tin foil on the coals of a fire.  Here are some pictures...

Cap Shooting Bow

Camp Site

Cap Traversing Camp

A view from the bridge near our campsite

 Bird Feeder Complete

Sunrise across Wooten Field

Cap hoisting the Camp George Thomas Flag